About Me

I am a licensced marriage and family therapist in private practice, based in San Francisco. I hold a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, as well as a Masters in Special Education from Germany, where I was born and raised. Before starting my private practice I worked in many settings and roles that influence my work and who I am. I was a parent counselor, special education teacher, as well as a school therapist. My years as a flight attendant, though, will always have a special place in my wild and curious heart. I began my clinical training at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy, a counseling center affiliated with the California Institute of Integral Studies. My work as a therapist is grounded in somatic and psychodynamic thinking as well as attachment theory and neuroscience. My experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher has led me to the path of somatic psychotherapy and informs my work. I love to geek out about the power of breath. I am devoted to my own personal and professional growth, and attend trainings and workshops regularly, such as EMDR or Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

I am deeply touched being in this profession. Therapy showed me the beauty of healing and changed the way I tell my own stories. I am honored to be supporting others in their healing and growth.

My Approach

“What we do in psychotherapy is to constantly work at deep levels with the body, with emotions, and with many different elements of memory, to help people make sense of their inner worlds and their interpersonal lives.”
-Daniel Siegel in “Healing Trauma”,

If you want to understand or change the way you relate to yourself, your story and those you are in relationship with, if you want to feel at ease, strong, and secure inside, and if you wonder if that is even possible, then we could be a great match. I believe that sustainable change happens from the inside, and that you have the innate capacity to create this change. I enjoy supporting my clients’ curiosity to uncover and explore what contributes to who they are and how they connect with people in their lives.

I work especially well with and have tools for people who struggle with traumatic experiences, troubled upbringing, grief and loss, and anxiety.

I am a somatic psychotherapist. First and foremost that means I honor the connections between body, intellect, and spirit while seeing people inside their social context and background. That might take different shapes in session. We might move and be more experiential, or we might “just talk”, depending on your needs and level of comfort. I will often direct your attention to physical sensations and sooner or later might ask you: “Where do you feel that in your body?”. My work is trauma informed, inspired by various somatic and experiential approaches such as Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness. Additionally I am an EMDR practitioner.

My style is relational, gentle and joyful, and I also fiercely welcome the dark side that is in all of us. My clients appreciate my genuine, open, and caring demeanor and I always strive to create an environment in which you can feel safe, seen, and heard. Sessions involve an invitation to explore what is happening in the here and now which often presents an opening to the past. I firmly believe healing happens in the present moment through connection with others.

I have deep respect for and experience with the diversity this world has to offer. This includes people of color, various cultural or social backgrounds as well as different expressions of gender and sexuality.

Let's Connect

I know how hard reaching out and finding the right fit can be. For a free phone consult, call me at 415-371-9467 or email me at jennifer@jenniferkomm.com and we can discuss your interest in therapy and you can get a feel for how our sessions might go. We can also discuss scheduling, and address any basic procedural and logistical questions you might have.

The initial meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss your needs, and for me to gather relevant information regarding your concerns and interests. If we decide we are not a fit, I will offer support in getting appropriate referrals to meet your needs.

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I am based in San Francisco and currently see clients online.